IELTS testimonials

“The IELTS Add-on gave me a good introduction about the content of the IELTS exam, how it is graded, and methodologies for teaching it. This also included lots of tips and good advice to give students about self-study and exam technique. What I learned on the course helped me in job interviews and gave me a good foundation to start teaching IELTS. I’ll be returning to Japan soon, and as IELTS is starting to take over from TOEFL in Japan, I’m sure it will stand me in good stead over there too.”

Chris (English Instructor, Japan)

“I found the course very beneficial and engaging. The way the techniques were taught for each skill was very methodical and I feel confident that I could teach an IELTS class after attending this course.”

Umar (English Instructor, Saudi Arabia)

“The prospect of running an IELTS course had daunted me. The course provided an excellent guide. The teaching was well organised and addressed all the concerns that someone new to IELTS would have. The course tutor was knowledgeable, approachable and had an enthusiasm for the course that was infectious.”

Elli (English ‘A’ Level teacher, UK grammar school)

“I was really pleased I attended the IELTS workshop. It was such a new knowledge and experience for me. Nearly all the participants in the course wanted to attend more training sessions run by the school. So there you go!”

Hussam (English Instructor, Saudi Arabia)

“The IELTS course was exactly what I’d hoped for. It was thorough, well organised and full of useful tips for helping students improve their IELTS scores. It was particularly interesting and helpful to learn from the teacher’s personal experiences of teaching preparation courses. This kind of knowledge can’t be accessed by books or the Internet, and is therefore invaluable to would be IELTS teachers. I also really appreciate the energy and enthusiasm with which the course was delivered. Well worth coming all the way from Australia for! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Gill  (Perth, Australia)

“The course was extremely invaluable and thoroughly enjoyable. A seamless and professional presentation that kept us very much engaged over four days.”

Dee (Italy)

“Thank you for delivering such an excellent IELTS training course. I thought the teaching was first rate, personable, really thorough and broad ranging. Although I’ve been teaching EAL in Britain for 30 years – but IELTs for only one – I found the material and presentation truly engaging and challenging. Such a course is in my experience unique, very reasonably priced and invaluable for teachers who wish to improve their understanding and practice of teaching IELTS.”

Mike (UK)

“Had I not done this course I doubt I would have learnt all the insight details of how an excellent, experienced IELTS tutor gets students ready for their tests. Actually doing the tasks really made it more interactive to understand what IELT students actually have to face. The two people who had travelled a long way for this course made me realise how invaluable this is as they said nothing like this is easily available where they travelled from.”


“I found the IELTS add-on course extremely useful and informative. The teacher was enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable. I am much more confident about tackling this area of teaching now, and I am certain that I made the right decision to add this course to my CELTA studies – my CV is looking even more impressive to potential employers!”

Kelly (UK)

“I found the IELTS Add-On course really useful. I thought it was well-structured and well-paced. Whilst it was only a four-day course, I felt that the four parts of the exam were covered thoroughly and in enough depth to enable us to teach them in the future. I also thought that it was a good price for the amount of useful information and insight into the techniques we gained over the four days. I particularly liked the fact that we were given organised handouts with example questions and were able to have a go at parts of the exam ourselves and discuss the best approaches to them. All in all, I’m really glad I chose to take the course and would recommend it to anybody considering teaching an IELTS class in the future!”

Francesca (UK)

“Thanks for taking time out to share your secrets of teaching IELTS! I can’t really pinpoint a specific area of the course that stood out because I found the whole 4 days invaluable. I didn’t know much about the IELTS exam before I started and had assumed it was more teaching how to do the exam. I soon realised how important technique is! I hope to be able to come in to observe one of your classes soon.”

Olivia (UK)


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