SUMMER FUN at this year's Junior Summer Camp! - Manchester Central School of English

The students of this year’s Summer Camp have all been enjoying themselves by learning and having fun at the University of Salford Campus this July and August. Amongst the busiest times of the year for MCSE staff members and students alike, the school is always prepared for the influx of students willing to learn and accomplish more over their Summer holiday period. This year, the university campus grounds at Salford University played host to a large array of students from an ever growing ethnic framework. Encompassing students from the Middle East, East Asia, Central America, South America, Easter Europe and Southern Europe to name but a few regions, the students attending this year’s Junior Summer Camp have travelled far and wide with one shared goal that unites them all…to study English at Manchester Central School of English.

The students of this year’s Junior Summer Camp are encouraged not only to learn and improve their English language skills, but also to socialise, make friends, and enjoy their residency whilst residing in the bustling city that is Manchester.

The social activities organised for the students by our amazing team of Social Activity Officers enable to students to enjoy the sights and activities that Manchester has to offer. Amongst the many trips and excursions that the students have attended whilst residing at the Junior Summer Camp, activities such as trampolining and bowling appear to be amongst the most popular. Allowing students to revel in healthy competition whilst enjoying the sport as a whole.


After a hard week studying and putting their knowledge regarding all they had learnt to the test, students were presented with an award at the end of the week to congratulate them on their studies. Both teachers and students alike partook in an award ceremony to celebrate the achievements made by each individual student for their efforts in the classroom. For some students, this was a sentimental and emotional time, for others, they were overwhelmed upon seeing how far they had progressed with their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

To all of the students who attended the Junior Summer Camp this year, we wish you all the very best for the future, and you shall be missed by the hard-working staff present on campus who were delighted to watch you progress with your learning. When all is said and done, however, this is the not the end of this chapter, as many more opportunities await those who posses a willing desire to learn…

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