CELTA teacher training

About the CELTA course

The CELTA course at MCSE trains you in all aspects of teaching, combining 120 hours of contact time with over 80 hours of individual learning. In particular, the course comprises the following core elements:

Input Sessions

Trainees participate in task-based workshops, lectures and practical activities focusing on learner awareness, language analysis, phonology, methodology, and career development. 

Teaching Practice

Trainees teach classes of overseas students and gain genuine experience of the teaching and learning process. Tutors provide help with lesson preparation, and by the end of the course trainees will have taught at two levels and have completed a total of 6 hours of teaching (in compliance with Cambridge guidelines).

Please note these classes require a minimum of 10 students to run.




While there is no examination, assessment is continuous and is carried out by the course tutors.



Cambridge assessor who ensures that tutors work consistently and in accordance with guidelines.


Application process

To apply please complete both the application form and pre-interview task. You have four (4) hours before it expires. Alternatively, download the forms below, type in the answers, and email them to [email protected]. We will reply and confirm that your application within two working days. If it has been accepted we will invite you to an interview and ask you for a deposit of £150. Please send your proof of payment or, card payment authorisation form to [email protected]. If your interview has been unsuccessful and we cannot offer you a place on the course that you have applied for, Manchester Central School of English will return your deposit in full.


Intensive/Online Dates Apply until (subject to availability) Availability
Full Time  22 January – 16 February 2018 11 January  2018 Expired
  Part  time 19 February – 04 May 2018   31 January 2018 Expired
  Full time  09 April – 04 May 2018 12 March 2018 Expired
  Full time  14 May – 08 June 2018 20 April 2018 Expired
  Full time 10   September – 05 October  2018 17 August  2018 Expired
  Part time  01 October – 14 December 2018 17 September 2018  Places available
  Full time 19 November – 14 December 2018 26 October 2018 Places available


If, after the interview, you decide that you do not wish to accept a place on the course, please send a letter of cancellation to the Course Co-ordinator of the school within 48 hours of your interview time.

On receipt of your cancellation letter MCSE will return your deposit less a £50 administration fee. We recommend that you deliver the letter by hand or use registered post. If we do not receive your letter within 48 hours, you will lose your entitlement to a refund.

Course outline


While there is no examination, assessment is continuous and is carried out by the course tutors, with a visit from a Cambridge assessor who ensures that tutors work consistently and in accordance with guidelines.

You will complete four written assignments focusing on:

  • Adult learning

  • The English language

  • Language skills

  • Classroom teaching

Teaching practice and assignments are assessed.

You need to gain a pass in both areas of assessment to be awarded CELTA. There are three passing grades: Pass, Pass B, and Pass A.


When not teaching, trainees usually observe their colleagues, contributing to group feedback with the tutor once the lessons are over. In addition, trainees also observe and learn from experienced teachers for a total of six hours of lessons, a proportion of which is done through video observation.

Commitment and professionalism

The CELTA course is very intensive and Cambridge requires that trainees attend every aspect of the course. All trainees will be heavily involved in lesson preparation and writing assignments in the evenings and at weekends too.

Trainees must demonstrate a professional attitude and work constructively with others. Trainees are also required to adhere to the MCSE Guidelines for CELTA trainees.

Tutorials and employability advice

Each trainee will have at least one tutorial during the course and will be given an indication of his or her progress.

MCSE is able to put you in contact with language schools around the world including UK institutions, once the course begins, to aid your job search. The tutors will offer you employability advice near the end of the course and some of our trainees go on to work at MCSE.


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