Social Calendar

Language Development through Social Interaction

Why are social activities important?

Learning a new language also means learning about the culture of the place that uses this language. This is important because the learning process is facilitated by interaction and the real life experiences – “learning by doing”.

With this aim we include in the social calendar the following activities like afternoon tea or parties and trips to cultural destinations or nearby cities


Activities available to students:

Film Club watch a film and discuss the themes with the teacher and other students.

Culture Club students learn about British Culture.

Cafe Club going to popular Cafés around Manchester

Theatre Club act in famous British plays

Football & Badminton Club play sports with teachers from the school and other schools in the area

Speaking Club develop your speaking skills with friends and teachers outside of lessons

Friday trips Visit museums, galleries and famous places around the city

Weekend Trips to Liverpool, York, Sheffield and more!

1 Full Day excursion every other week

Trip to another city, from 09:00am to 17:00pm. Trips to Liverpool, York and The Peak District. Great opportunity to see new things! Prices range from £15- £30

Teacher led activities!

The Social Programme at MCSE is catered for the students interest and needs. Each activity is a chance to develop their English Skills

Fun and exciting activites

Great opportunity to meet new people from all around the world! Old Trafford Stadium, bowling and museums. Prices of the activities range from £5- £20


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