MCSE offers an immersive experience which provides students not only with the skills needed to communicate effectively and accurately, but also gives them the confidence and motivation to improve their English outside of the classroom.

Our courses are designed to be both rigorous and engaging, helping students make rapid progress and become confident English speakers. Our small, international classes ensure that students are constantly challenged and their individual needs are met.


The teachers at MCSE are qualified and experienced professionals. They make classes enjoyable, engaging and varied -motivating students to become proficient speakers of English. There is considerable focus on active studying outside of the classroom. Here at MCSE we encourage autonomous learning and self-study through regular homework and individual research projects.

Students are invited to have regular tutorials with the Director of Studies, who provides a tailored development plan aimed at meeting individual needs.

Our teaching staff have all lived and worked outside the UK, so they understand how difficult it can be to live and study away from home. They are always happy to help!

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