“Everybody was so nice in the college; I had a really good time. I would like to recommend the college for people who are planning to study English in Manchester. Thank you very much everybody! See you soon!” – Meg from Japan

“This experience for us was beautiful and memorable. We learned many things and it has helped us to grow. We’ll remember for a lifetime and will always remain in our hearts. Finally we would like to thank all the teachers but especially the school. You are all fantastic for us.” – Ilemia Chiaradia and Francesca Galeome from Italy

I have had lots of laughs and good moments here in MCSE. I hope future students have as much fun as i did. Thank you for everything and goodbye.” – Etienne from France

“This experience was really beautiful for us. We have me many people here from all around the world and we have had beautiful moments in class with our teachers” Roberta Garasto from Italy

“I used to have only on family in my home country, now i have one in England too.” – Omar from Egypt

“My heartfelt thanks to MCSE, where I studied for 9 months. The management and teachers where all extremely friendly and helpful.” Abdul-Aziz from Saudi Arabia

“MCSE is one of the best things in Manchester. It’s not just a school, it’s really nice place to learn English and make a friends. I found a lot of friends from different countries and I had a really good relationship with teachers and staff (they are always smiling!) thanks for everything I want to come back in my next holiday.” – Maria from Spain

“Studying here in Manchester, it was a great experience especially with Isabella, because we went visiting a lot of cities and entertainment. MCSE is the best school, especially the teachers and our Italian guide. We will come back one day to visit this school. We will miss you!” – Ivan Macri and Russo Alessandro from Italy

“It was an enjoyable experience for us. In this school we found amazing and attentive colleagues who made us feel at ease. We thought we would find strict and reserved people and then we realized they are friendly, lovely and easy going”

– Giulia, Amalia, Silvana and Nello (Teacher leaders) from Italy


The most central English language school in Manchester