the fastest growing city in the UK

1. Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) 

Fun Fact

Did you know that the Rolls-Royce motor company started life in Manchester after a chance meeting between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce at the city’s Midland Hotel?

2. Manchester Art Gallery 

Fun Fact

The art gallery hosts fortnightly English conversational classes, the second Wednesday of each month from 1-2.30 pm

3. Witworth Art Gallery 

Fun Fact

The gallery often hosts free events from music, talks, screenings and performances.

  1. Manchester Town Hall

Fun Fact

There is a pattern of bees on the mosaic floor in the Great Hall.  The bee is a symbol of Manchester’s industrial history

  1. People’s History Museum


Fun Fact

This museum  attracts a higher proportion of foreign visitors than any other museum in the city.

  1. MediaCity UK


Fun Fact

The BBC offer free tickets to sit in the audience for many of their TV shows.

  1. John Rylands Library

Fun Fact

The building took 10 years to build and was open to the public on 1st January 1900.

  1. The National Football Museum


Fun Fact

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the Vice-Presidents of the museum.


The most central English language school in Manchester